Relationship Coaching is for everyone.

We are relational by nature and wired to connect.  We share a universal need to love and be loved, to see and be seen, to trust and be trusted.  It is what drives human connection and, at its best, results in mutual devotion, fulfillment and care.

This is the promise and potential of intimate relationship.  It is also the challenge.

How can this be if we are wired for connection?  Because, we each have our own way of going about ‘relationship’ that is informed by our childhood/family experiences, our cultural and social contexts, our relationship history and our unique personalities and preferences. No wonder things can get messy.

Through leading-edge Relationship Coaching, I guide individuals, couples and small groups to develop deeper, more mindful and compassionate connection with themselves and each other.  I support them to recognize and move beyond the stories and habits that hold them back and to develop the perspectives and practical capacities that allow them to build deeply meaningful, secure, invigorating relationships over time, with greater skill and compassionate intention.

Clients engage in Relationship Coaching for all sorts of reasons, including:  to relate more positively to self and to the project of being in relationship; to (re)-establish a sense of shared purpose and joy with a spouse or partner; to communicate more openly in order to connect; to cultivate a deeper, more mutually satisfying level of intimacy and interdependence; to cultivate presence and the capacity to be more fully with what is.

If you recognize yourself in any of these reasons – or long to explore a different dimension of relationship – I am here to help.

Relationship Coaching may be the best investment you make in your present and your future well-being.