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I love writing. I write to understand myself, to make sense of things, to inspire and be inspired. Wrapping words around an idea, an experience or a feeling helps me get inside it, roam around and bring to the surface what is longing to be seen and expressed.

But it doesn’t end there. Writing is also a vehicle for my real passion: connecting with people around new ideas and possibilities. Nothing energizes and motivates me more than exploring human development terrain with folks willing to take an open-hearted plunge into the pool of individual and collective potential.

Does this sound like you? Are you jazzed (even a little bit?) by the promise of new ideas and inspiring practices to support you in realizing your own heart’s desires? If so, come join me in this together space. You know you want to!

Enjoy. Comment. Sign up for more.

Attune Up!

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Harmony.  What a word.  It evokes so much: ease, strength, joy, pleasure, collaboration, devotion… By definition, harmony is about the relationship between and among people, places or things. It allows – demands, even - [...]


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Mother Nature just sent me the most beautiful reminder.  I was walking my dog along the river when the chatter of leaves roused me from my thoughts.  Raising my eyes, the air around me was [...]

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