Jenni is a conscientious and thoughtful person with a truly unique ability to bring people to a different space, a more loving space. Always clear and concise, Jenni is a skilled communicator with both the spoken and written word. As a Coach, Jenni has a velvet glove and a steely determination that combine to see you get the work done! Working with you “where you’re at”, Jenni’s ability to sense what you need, what you can reasonably incorporate to affect noticeable change is most likely Jenni’s greatest gift. Whatever your needs, whatever your desires, working with Jenni and her meaningful support means you’ll get there quicker and in a fulfilling way. Thanks, Jenni!

  • D.A., Consultant and Mental Health Educator

Some gifts just come out of the blue and Jenni was one of them. She has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me to clearly identify my values and use these as a guide to making life’s decisions and transitions. Our discussions are forever in my memory and her sensitive and insightful coaching will always guide me.

  • S.M., Mom and worker in transition

Jenni, is an amazing life coach, she has all the skills and experiences to provide a great life changing session. What stood out to me the most was how passionate, caring and empathetic Jenni was during our sessions. She provided me the right guidance to teach me how to love myself and achieve my life goals. She was able to bring out through our conversations a focus on what was truly important to me and from finding out more about my values, I was able to create goals that were aligned with my true self. Jenni is a life changer and I am forever thankful for her assistance.

  • Small business owner

Clarity. Above all else, working with Jenni allowed me to find clarity. With each session she helped me discover new ways of thinking, and better ways to move through my day with ease. With a kind heart, Jenni guided me on a journey toward my best self. I LOVED our sessions together and I am a happier, more at ease person because of the tools Jenni provided me with.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Natalie, Yoga Teacher and Owner of

I had never tried life coaching before, so wasn’t sure what to expect.  I quickly realised that my sessions with Jenni were going to be life-changing.  In a few short meetings, she had managed to cut through the clutter and chaos of my life; she connected dots, saw patterns, and gave me tools to slowly begin to start taking care of myself.  My journey with Jenni has been one of kindness and respect, warmth and clarity.  Beyond her training, Jenni has a natural skill for providing insight while never being judgmental, which is a true gift.  I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her coaching services!

  • E.T., Designer

Jenni has a true gift as a Coach.  She listens intently and picks up on the smallest details of your message – often without you even knowing you said it! She offers a path of growth, development and change specifically for you. For example, she knew I would never do yoga or spend an hour meditating to find mindfulness, so she suggested that I simply stop and pause for a few minutes every day. This worked perfectly for me. Jenni knew I needed to slow down in order to create new and more effective patterns in my life. It has been over a year since we worked together, but I continue to stop a few times a day to reflect and focus on the strategies developed. Jenni planted the seed and I continue to grow and improve.

  • S.M. Events, Marketing and Project Manager

Jenni Tipper came highly recommended by a friend. I did not know what to expect when we began, nor did I imagine that the process of learning how to reconnect with my true goals and desires, and transform my life into something I liked better, would be so profound (even, at times, painful, as true growth often is). Jenni brought astonishing intuitive insight, and immense compassion, to our sessions. She sent me away with invaluable, customized tools, practical exercises, and daily/weekly practices that I will be able to use for the rest of my life to keep me on the path I was meant to be on. Our discussions were truly enlightening. With Jenni’s help, I’ve learned to slow down, and ask: “What is it I really want?” I’m better able to take the time I need to do the things that matter most to me, and stay connected to the part of myself from which I draw my best, truest, most satisfying work. I’m a work in progress, but now I know where I’m going, and feel more confident in my ability to get there – to actually be there.

  • M.F. Instructor and Professional Writer

I have known Jenni for quite awhile and while chatting with her at a party she suggested that she could help me make some professional choices in my life.  I had no idea what a Life Coach was and how a coaching session worked.  My sessions with Jenni helped me establish what I valued in life, family and the people around me.  She taught me how to take the time to think about those values before making decisions.  She helped me realize that life is much more fulfilling when those values are taken into consideration as I go through my day.  Jenni has an amazing ability to listen and help people figure out what they need to do to move forward in a positive way.  I would highly recommend her to anyone. 

  • Hayley de Bie, Operations Manager

Jenni challenged me to look at my life goals in ways I could never have imagined. Our sessions were thought provoking, mindful and insightful. The exercises Jenni offered were practical and tailored to my specific goals. I would recommend Jenni’s services to anyone who is looking to bring more clarity and wisdom into their lives. Sage advice from a truly gifted life coach!

  • Joseph Leonard-Boland, Policy and Communications Strategist