Nothing is more important and satisfying than healthy, vibrant relationships, especially intimate ones.

They bind us together and inspire us, giving us the sense of aliveness, security and belonging that our hearts long for.  They are as fundamental to our well-being as food and water.

And, they can be really hard.

Couples come to Relationship Coaching seeking change or growth in many different ways, such as:

  • replacing criticism and judgment with acceptance, appreciation and affection
  • establishing more clear and compassionate ways of communicating
  • prioritizing the well-being of each other and the relationship
  • cultivating a sense of shared purpose
  • replacing ‘the same old argument’ with deeper understanding and connection
  • getting better at identifying needs and satisfying them, together
  • maximizing joy, pleasure and mutual fulfillment
  • moving the relationship to a deeper level of interdependence.

If you see yourself reflected in any of these reasons or, if you are called to work on a different aspect of being in relationship, I am here to help.

Here’s how we can work together: