Generate | 2 Sessions + Customized Coaching Program | $600

The Generate Package is designed to maximize your development in a short period of time, leveraging your awareness and strengths in an area of your work or life where you most want to see change.  This program is for those of you ready and able to take your growth deeper and wider.

The Generate Package includes:

60 minute Discovery Session*

  • This is where we get right to business, exploring what it is you are longing for, why it matters and where you can focus your growth to realize your greatest potential in this area.

90 minute Generate Session

  • I will offer you a compassionate and concise Integral Coaching™ assessment of your Current Way of approaching this issue, what is serving and limiting you and, introduce an inspiring New Way designed to generate and support growth.
  • Based on the comprehensive Integral Coaching™ assessment, you will leave with a Personal Coaching Program custom-designed with a series of suggested practices to enable you to focus and measure your own development and realize substantive change where you most want it.

Take Away:  You will leave with a Personal Coaching Program that provides you with clear direction, new perspectives and a series of tailor-made practices to generate those longed-for changes.

Cost:  $350

*all sessions can be conducted in person (in the Ottawa area) or via Skype/Zoom.

Grow | 3 months + Customized Coaching Program | $1200

Grow is a deep and powerful short term, high impact coaching program.  Over the course of 3 months (two sessions per month), you will realize substantial growth in a specific area that matters most to you.  You will gain essential insight, awareness and tools to fuel and focus the expansion of your capacity to embody a new way of being aligned with what you are longing for.

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Integrate | 6 – 9 months + customized coaching | $2400 – $3600

The Integrate Program is the fullest and most comprehensive way of working with me and offers the optimal format to ensure lasting and empowering change in the area that most matters to you.  During our 6 months together, you will take on customized practices that will allow you to develop and integrate the awareness and competencies needed to more fully embody your potential.

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