As a Coach, I am always moved and inspired by the traction clients find to ignite and cultivate deep and meaningful change through one-on-one Integral Coaching™ Programs. It is a privilege to watch as clients cultivate their strengths and convert doubts, tears and fears into meaningful and lasting results. The power of this method is simply incredible.

I bring a brimming heart, keen mind and playful whit to the Coaching relationship. My capacity to hold compassionate space through this processes of discovery and change affords clients the freedom and the tools to realize their deepest longings and manifest their potential.

What my clients are saying

Here’s how we may work together…

Generate | 2 Sessions + Customized Coaching Program | $600

The Generate Package is designed to maximize your development in a short period of time, leveraging your awareness and strengths in an area of your work or life where you most want to see change.  This program is perfect for anyone already actively engaged self-development.

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Grow | 3 months + Customized Coaching Program | $1200

Grow is a deep and powerful short term, high impact coaching program.  Over the course of 3 months (two sessions per month), you will experience substantial growth in a specific area that matters most to you.  You will gain essential insight, awareness and tools to fuel and focus the expansion of your capacity to realize a new way of being aligned with what you are longing for.

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Integrate | 6 – 9 months + Customized Coaching Program | $2400 – $3600

The Integrate Program is the fullest and most comprehensive way of working with me to realize lasting change and comprehensive development. This program will guide and support you to explore and integrate the awareness and competencies you need to more fully embody your potential, moment by moment, with clarity and confidence.

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