Humans are fascinating. No matter our age or circumstance, we are all driven to connect in some way.

Relational to our very core, we are born with the essential tools for connection – equipped, as it were, to engage with others and with the world around us in order to make meaning, build security and catalyze our own growth and happiness.

Not convinced? Consider how greatly we suffer – individually and collectively – when our social, emotional, natural and spiritual bonds are weak, threatened or severed. Things like loneliness, violence, poverty, environmental degradation and depression are all by-products of disconnection.

So, if making and maintaining connection is so important and we have both the need and the wiring to connect, why aren’t we better at it?

Because the “how” of relationship is a matter of experience.  Initially, we learn about the dos and the don’ts, the risks and the benefits of relationship and connection from our families, friends and communities.  These same teachings become the foundation for our own relationship experiences and patterns.  You see where this is going…

Don’t despair.  Helping individuals and couples get good – or better – at making and maintaining fulfilling, compassionate connection in ways that are deeply meaningful to them is my passion and purpose as a Relationship Coach.

Relationship Coaching offers clients the opportunity to identify and move beyond the stories and habits that inform their Current Ways of relating and to develop the perspectives and practical capacities that allow them to build deeply meaningful, secure, invigorating relationships over time, with greater skill and intention.

Sounds almost easy.  I know it isn’t.  Doing the work of Relationship Coaching takes courage and commitment.  It asks us to wake up and open up more fully to our felt experience of relating intimately. It challenges us to explore and practice new ways of perceiving, thinking and doing, in the face of inevitable resistance, until those very things become an integrated and mindful part of how we relate.

And, I can’t imagine an instance where making this commitment isn’t worth it.  Growing healthy, sustainable, loving relationships seems the necessary salve for the challenges of our time. Our well-being depends on it!

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