As January slips into the rear view mirror, I feel a degree of relief.  I do love the snow and beauty of this time of year.  What weighs heavy are the annual New Year’s resolutions.  I know I am not alone.  And, it’s not because I can’t think of a million things that I would like to manifest in my life.  Or, even because it can be hard to actually bring my desires into being.

My challenge is with the chronology of it all.

It turns out, January is not a natural time of “doing”.  The trees, the plants and the animals all seem to know it:  January is their cue to let go of the flourish, draw on what they already have and rest.  Even the night sky and cool air usher us all inside for longer periods of stillness and regrouping.

It helps explain why I find myself drinking mug after mug of hot tea, moving noticeably slower and more deliberately and craving the company of friends and family over steaming bowls and open hearts.

Resolutions that require me to ‘gear up, get moving, make change’ feel a bit like forcing.  My body wisdom knows something different.  If my internal seasonal compass could speak, it would say, “Slow down, sister.  Spend some time with the map of your heart before rushing forward”.

The good news is that tomorrow is February 1st, the beginning of the end to this annual melee of competing interests.

February 1st has long signaled a turn in the Wheel of the Year, bringing the promise of Spring and a rebirth of energy and activity.  Even though the snow and ice and cold still loom, an important shift is underfoot.  It is something we can all access by intentionally stretching our limbs and slowly turning toward the sun.

Let’s do it right now. Take a minute wherever you are to expand your body in every direction. Really take up space.  Feel your presence and breathe deeply through your nose, letting your belly and ribs expand.  Release the air slowly and feel the space that exists inside at the bottom of each breath.

That space is the promise of Spring and the possibility of self-directed expansion.  It feels good.

It might also feel a bit scary. Moving from possibility into reality requires more than just waiting for the seasons to change.  It means growing your awareness and developing your capacity to move in the direction of your heart’s desires.

This is the work of Spring.  It is also the work of Integral Coaching®.

As an Integral Master CoachTM, I work with individuals and couples seeking meaningful and sustainable growth and connection.  I provide the space, compassion and wisdom to guide clients as they do the earnest work of exploring and expanding how they relate to themselves, to others and to the world around.  Together, we build a program that addresses their goals through a series of tailor-made practices and Coaching sessions designed to shine light on the places where they are ‘stuck’ and effectively grease the wheels of change.

If you feel Spring calling you forward and want to commit to your own path of development, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a complimentary 20 minute discovery conversation.  Let’s do this together.