Attune Up!

Harmony.  What a word.  It evokes so much: ease, strength, joy, pleasure, collaboration, devotion… By definition, harmony is about the relationship between and among people, places or things. It allows – demands, even - a way of relating that includes and transcends individuality and gives form and depth to a shared experience or meaning [...]

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Mother Nature just sent me the most beautiful reminder.  I was walking my dog along the river when the chatter of leaves roused me from my thoughts.  Raising my eyes, the air around me was alive with flashes of yellow and orange swirling and darting everywhere, as if chasing each other to the green below.  [...]

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Mapping the Heart

I write to make sense of things.  I use words to give shape to the swirl of feelings and thoughts that occupy my attention.  Writing gives me a way to either contain or release that swirl and make meaning of life’s wild ride.  It is alternately deeply personal or openly public and, increasingly, a blend [...]

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The Call

It’s hard to know whether or not we choose change or change chooses us.   The call to change comes in so many different forms.  Sometimes it shows up as a gentle whisper, nudging us toward a new awareness.  Or, like a flash of light that leaves no doubt about our next steps. And, sometimes it [...]

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