“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anaïs Nin

I am not sure if it’s me or a Central Canadian thing, but the change of seasons always comes with a bit of a surprise.   Truth be told, I love the inevitable uncertainty of it and the turning of Spring might be the most delicious.

If ever anything held promise, it’s Spring.  As a romantic, I simply can’t resist the cheerfulness of the morning bird songs (hooray for Daylight Savings).  Even the pooling of melted snow in inopportune spots has a playful charm.

Energetically, Spring has a lively, expansive quality.  It seems a bit of a clearinghouse for winter’s stagnation and invites us to open up to what comes next.  Like the blossoming of new leaves, we too are called to break through our own protective web of habitual thoughts and behaviours to reveal something new.

In the natural world, this process of blooming is unstoppable. It is the rebirth that ALWAYS follows the death and decay of winter.  Warmer temperatures prompt a chain reaction of osmosis and photosynthesis that sparks growth and awakening in the cells of every plant and tree.  It can’t be denied.

For us, it’s not that simple.  Our response to Mother Nature’s springtime wake-up call doesn’t have the same inevitability of outcome.  We are just as likely to mount vigilant resistance to the notion of flowing with the instinctive cycles of life.

It’s understandable!

Opening up the tender green parts of ourselves to the world – parts that have perhaps been overwintered for a long time in the dark corners of our hearts – is a risky business.   It requires a willingness to gently illuminate and explore parts of ourselves we practice to ignore.  It means fertilizing these undernourished stems with our own compassion and tenderness.  It asks of us of to relinquish the habit of pruning ourselves and to bring who we are into the sunshine where we can continue to grow.

That’s a big ask.  It takes courage and love and support. Yes, support!  Nothing in the natural world exists or flourishes on its own.  Nothing!  We are no different than the plant who relies on the sun to call it forward and the hummingbird to spread its pollen.  As humans, our growth and happiness are interdependent.  If they weren’t, there would be no perceived risk involved in simply being and becoming who we are.

So, with Spring on our doorstep, consider what you are being called to bring forth and let blossom.  Take yourself into nature, walk slowly, splash in puddles and breathe in the smell of rebirth.  Listen to the roar of the awakening and allow the life force of Spring to inspire and carry you.  Reach out to members of your community.  Know that they, too, are hearing the call to wake up and unfurl.  By honouring the inevitability of the cycles of life in ourselves and in each other, we can translate the pain of resistance into the thrill of existence and possibility.

Happy Spring!!!