Mother Nature just sent me the most beautiful reminder.  I was walking my dog along the river when the chatter of leaves roused me from my thoughts.  Raising my eyes, the air around me was alive with flashes of yellow and orange swirling and darting everywhere, as if chasing each other to the green below.  It was fantastic.  Magical, really.

How amazingly Canadian.  I pulled out my phone and snapped at least a dozen shots.  No angle seemed either wide enough or close enough to capture the wild beauty of it.  And that sound. I tried using video to record the symphony of clicks, flutters and swooshes.  That didn’t really work either.

A bit frustrated by the limitations of my phone, I looked up and realized that the tree I was standing beneath had nearly emptied itself into the wind, as though waiting for me before releasing its leafy off-spring in one amazing display of colour and energy.

Put your phone away, Jenni.  Take it in.

I did.  I stood with my chin tilted up and eyes squinting against the bright sky as leaves showered down around me.  It occurred to me that this moment was more than chance and good fortune.  It felt oddly personal, as if the tree was delivering me a love letter.

And, the letter spoke of the beauty and inevitability of letting go.  Each leaf a dazzling lesson in acceptance.

As if on cue, the wind slowed to a whisper and the spell was broken.  Message received.

What are you holding onto?