It’s hard to know whether or not we choose change or change chooses us.   The call to change comes in so many different forms.  Sometimes it shows up as a gentle whisper, nudging us toward a new awareness.  Or, like a flash of light that leaves no doubt about our next steps. And, sometimes it comes as a scream, demanding our attention with a resounding, “enough already”.

Heeding the call isn’t always easy.  It takes courage and compassion to move toward change.   But, the thing about the call, whether quiet or loud, is that it speaks of our own deeper wisdom and longing.  And, when we slow down enough to really listen, it tells of a new way of relating to our self, to our life and to the world around us.

Winter is a perfect time for slowing down and listening.  Our bodies know it as the season for moving inward, recharging and nourishing the seeds of our own potential.  All it asks of us is to create space in our daily routine for quiet reflection.  If 5 minutes is what you’ve got, great.  If 3 slow breaths is your max, that’s good, too.  Or, maybe you are ready to lean in a little closer, open your heart a little wider and listen to the wisdom of your own call with every ounce of your awareness.

Whatever your way, use this time to replenish your soil and ready yourself for Spring’s blossoming.  It won’t be long before the warm wind invites us back outside where the sun’s rays will coax the seeds of winter forward, with great promise.

It’s what Mother Nature intended for us.  And, she’s a pretty wise old gal!