“In a dark time, the eye begins to see”

– Theodore Rhoetke


Winter has arrived!  And, along with it, the cold air, the cozy sweaters, the shoveling and the messy front hall.  Whether or not you enjoy the shorter days and longer nights, winter has a valuable purpose.  The darkness of the season invites us to lighten our busy ways and to move inside ourselves where we can attune more deeply to our own rhythms and desires.

Winter is a perfect time to commit to an Integral CoachingTM Program and build your capacity to grow in a new direction or make change in an area of your life that is deeply important to you.  Integral CoachingTM lets you set the pace for your own development and provides the structure, accountability and guidance to help your get to where you want to go in a compassionate and timely way.

As a Professional Integral CoachTM, I will design a Coaching Program tailored specifically for you.  Together, we will chart a path forward that builds awareness and perspective, leverages existing strengths and cultivates new capacities.  My job is to shine the light to help you move more skillfully over the bumps, around the sharp corners and closer to where you want to be.

To learn more about Integral CoachingTM, check out my blog.  To help you assess if Integral CoachingTM is right for you, please read what some of my clients have said about the benefits of working with me to generate the awareness and traction they needed to realize profound and lasting growth.

To support you in your decision to harness winter’s energy in favour of your own development, I am offering a complimentary 30 minute consultation, either in person, over the phone or the Internet to explore how working together can help you realize what it is that you are longing for in your life.

I do hope you take this opportunity to contact me to book a complimentary consultation and open the door of possibility.

I wish you Happy Holidays and a joyful, healthy, love-filled New Year.