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Mary Oliver

For the past 18 months I have been training and practicing and recently achieved certification as an Integral Professional Coach™ through Integral Coaching Canada (ICC).  ICC is a preeminent leader in a crowded Coaching training field and I am exceptionally proud of my affiliation and accomplishment.  Learn more about ICC

What is Integral Coaching™?

Integral Coaching™ is a powerful method of sustainable human development that will get you moving more skillfully and confidently toward your desired goals – personally, professionally or spiritually. The power of the method comes from its unique blend of insight, compassion and action embodied in a customized Coaching Program designed to meet each client exactly where they are and to cultivate specific capabilities to get them where they want to go.

Who is Integral Coaching™ for?

Integral Coaching™ is for anyone who:

  • Relates to the feeling of being stuck in established ways of thinking, feeling and acting that don’t align with what truly matters to them or with what they are longing for.
  • Craves playful, insightful and heart-felt development.
  • Seeks the freedom to pursue their heart’s desires with greater clarity, compassion and capacity.

Working With Me

Coaching is a very dynamic and creative process.  It is why I love it so much.   Committing to an Integral Coaching™ Program will be both a challenge and a thrill.  As a Coach, I am repeatedly blown away by the power clients find to ignite and cultivate deep and meaningful change through one-on-one Integral Coaching™ sessions. Throughout the Coaching process, clients are held accountable for their own growth while being compassionately guided to explore time-etched patterns of thought and behaviour that influence their ability to realize the traction or change longed for. I have watched clients convert doubts, tears and full-scale resistance into meaningful and lasting results.

Here’s How it Works

All coaching relationships begin with a Discovery session.  It is all about creative curiosity.  This is where a client and I get to know each other, dig a little deeper into what it is that really matters and begin to illuminate the focus for development.  These sessions culminate with us defining together the heart and the scope of the Coaching Topic.

I then retreat to my ‘creative cave’ and use this topic to anchor the development of a fulsome Coaching Program that identifies the client’s “Current Way” of experiencing their topic and leverages existing strengths and capabilities to cultivate the desired “New Way”.

Through a series of bi-weekly Coaching Sessions with me – either in person or SKYPE/ZOOM – we explore and integrate what is being discovered as the client works through customized practices tailored to fit where they are in their development and where they need to expand or ground into next.  Each practice is designed to illuminate and disrupt current ways of thinking and doing and to enable new awareness, skills and capacity to emerge – ultimately, reducing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Throughout the Coaching process, clients are held accountable for their own growth while being compassionately guided to master the routines that anchor new habits of thought and behaviour that bring about meaningful and lasting change.

Clients can expect regular “check-in” emails from me as encouragement and support along the way.  My job is to not only help create the space and capacity for change to occur, but to really shed light on the development, as it is unfolding, in real-time.  This is the best part.  I love sharing in the deep sense of relief, accomplishment and excitement that comes when a client really takes in the fullness of what has specifically changed for them during the program

My capacity to hold compassionate space for growth through this processes of discovery and change affords clients the freedom and the tools to realize their deepest longings.

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How is Integral Coaching™ different than Counselling?

As a method of personal change and growth, Coaching is deeply rooted in the present.  It starts with “what is” and charts a program for moving forward. And, whereas, Coaching is designed to work with the wholeness of a client’s experience and personality, it is not a therapeutic process for healing deeper or historic psychological traumas or challenges, such as:  depression, addiction, violence, PTSD, etc…

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